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Our online courses are available for A1, A2 and B1, whereby each level consists of three sublevels. A1 consists of A1.1, A1.2 and A.3. The same applies to A2 and B1. If you level is higher than A1 please make a placement test. - Our online course combines independent work on the learning platform and old-fashioned instruction with face-to-face video sessions via the interactive platform, provides automatic feedback, while our work with the course book connects your German skills deeply in your memory. How does it work?   

1. You shall receive mail with links for the learning platform and the video sessions. Then you connect with your personal tutor, a German native who supports you throughout the course, gives regular feedback and monitors your progress and your pronunciation. On a regular basis a short text should be written independently, which will be corrected by your tutor. This way you learn from the beginning to write emails or other short written messages.

2. You will work on a variety of interactive tasks on the learning platform and live in our video sessions. Each chapter of the course book will be thoroughly introduced in. An online session; the appointments will be scheduled according to the pace you chose for your learning progress.

3. There are a total of 30 one-hour meetings (Premium) or 12 one-hour meetings (Basic) per course. The appointments will be scheduled according to preferences and availability. For this you need to have a stable internet connection and preferably a laptop, tablet or PC. The course begins with a video introduction, in which you will receive all the necessary information about the content of the course, the learning program and the learning platform. In the following meetings the oral expression will be practiced in short dialogues, the most important grammatical structures and cultural information.

4. The maximum course duration is six months.

5. On the learning platform you will be registered with your native language. This way, you can translate grammar explanations or sentences and vocabulary. Audio will be presented in German and i.e. Arabic.


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Online Placement Test
Write an email to
me@zfd.info and type placement test in the subject line. Please state the level you have achieved. We shall promptly reply to you and send you a form with the written test plus audio files. After you have sent us your answers we shall get in touch by email or phone and arrange an appointment for the oral placement. The oral classification takes place by telephone. You will be notified of your placement result after the oral test will have been concluded by email.



For registration please send an email to kls@zfd.info. For the time being we shall send you a link, leading payment options: either debit or credit card, Fawry (Egypt only) or cash collection from home.







 Open from 12.00h to 21.30h daily except Friday and public holidays.


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