30, El-Mobtadayn St-Mounira-11411 Cairo
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ZENTRUM FÜR DEUTSCH has been the first private German Institute in Egypt, founded in 1992 by two Germans, operating since September 1993. In 1996 ZFD became the first cooperation partner of the Goethe-Institute in Egypt. ZFD is being directed by Karina L Schmelzer ever since. Change, flexibility and reliability are among our best proven qualities.ZFD is a small institute. This allows for individual care of our course-participants and a sound follow-up on your learning progress through diligent supervision of our instructors. Ever since we contributed our activities to Egypt, we focused on high levels of comprehensive, efficient and practical class-room work, The evaluation of our language courses are in accordance with the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or GER, as it is abbreviated in German. We select our instructors carefully. Expect creative and highly committed individuals. We maintain our high standards through continuous quality assessment of both: your and your instructors performance.






 Open from 12.00h to 21.30h daily except Friday and public holidays.


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